I7-2700 K versus I7-3770-any difference if you have graphics card?


Jul 19, 2010
I was going to spring for an I7-2700 K and then saw Ivy Bridge desktops will be out by end of month. I have a dedicated graphics card. Would there be any real benefit to me in terms of waiting for an Ivy Bridge? The conundrum is they are going to be about the same price.
There generally is a small improvement in performance when we release a die shrink. Since the 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors haven't been released any guess on how much of a performance increase they are is little more than a guess.

As far as price goes we like to fit processors in price points of their replacement processor. So you should see this processor hitting close to same price spot as the Intel Core i7-2600K.

Christian Wood
Intel Enthusiast Team


May 11, 2009
You won't see any difference in gaming beyond using a 2500k processor, if that's what you're intending on using that for. You would be better off using that extra money on a better graphics card.
Also, I'm interested in knowing if IntelEnthusiast actually works for intel, or if being an enthusiast means you're part of the company as a default?