Question I7 3770 with rx 590 or 1660 ti?


Jan 18, 2018
So i want to play games on 1080p/60hz , I currently have 1050 Ti which is not strong enough for 1080p

I saw some review that say i7 3770 will bottleneck the 1660 Ti , so will i better pick rx 590 instead?


In reality, for 1080p 60hz, that CPU will do just fine with either of those graphics cards. The single core performance of that Ivy bridge processor is really not that far behind the IPC of current gen Intel processors, and is actually BETTER than current Ryzen processors, so with four cores and 8 threads, while it is obviously not going to perform as well as a newer i7, it will likely perform well enough for either of those cards especially if you don't push the settings too low trying to get outrageous FPS. Keep the settings up to at least midway and keep the majority of the load on the graphics card.

Turn settings too low and CPU usage will go through the roof trying to keep up.

There are plenty of people, some of our moderators in fact, using that or very similar CPUs with much higher end graphics cards with good enough results that they still feel no need to upgrade yet.
The single core performance of that Ivy bridge processor is really not that far behind the IPC of current gen Intel processors, and is actually BETTER than current Ryzen processors
That's a bit of a stretch. Ryzen 2000 CPUs are actually pretty close to current Intel chips in terms of IPC (except for specific AVX loads IIRC), they just clock a fair bit lower. A Ryzen 2K running at 4 GHz or so should still have at least 10-20% faster single threaded performance than a 3770.
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Ok, Ryzen BARELY nudges that CPU in single core performance.

If that i7 were running at an overclocked speed of about 4Ghz-4.5Ghz, it would be a reversal of that situation, but regardless, aside from a higher core count the Ryzen CPUs are being used with any of the top shelf graphics cards with few complaints by anybody AND we DO have plenty of users and mods here who are still using Ivy bridge with much bigger cards than either of those, with few if any complaints. Is it a perfect solution, of course not, but it's not a terrible idea either. It will work fine with either of those cards and if you feel like you aren't getting what you need out of it, you can always upgrade the platform down the road and lose nothing for having done it this way.

And Ryzen is nowhere near the IPC of current Gen Intel processors. Not sure where you got that idea. There's less than 100 points separating the single core scores of the Ivy and the Ryzen CPUs. There's over 500 points separating the Ryzen from Coffee lake.
Eh, I've never put much weight in Passmark results to be honest... But to each their own.

If that i7 were running at an overclocked speed of about 4Ghz-4.5Ghz
But the 3770 is a locked CPU.

Edit: I should put my nitpicking aside and say that I do agree with the sentiment that a 3770 should probably be fine for ~60 fps gaming in the majority of cases.


Apr 4, 2018
The Ryzen 1600 is a little bit faster but I personally don't think it's a big enough difference to justify that kind of an upgrade.


I currently have an i7 3770k @ 4.2 with a GTX 1660 in my HTPC that I also use for racing games like Forza Horizon 3 and Project Cars 2.

On a 60in TV @1080 those games run on Ultra settings over 60 fps. I could overclock the CPU to about 4.7 but then the fans run a little too loud for a HTPC setup. (prefer to keep it near silent)


And that is the other consideration. You would need full platform upgrade, CPU, motherboard and RAM, to gain a minuscule improvement in IPC and four extra threads that won't be all that beneficial to you anyhow for a lot of games unless you're multitasking with other processes like recording or streaming as well. I don't really know of any games that definitively use more than 8 threads, well, even now. Maybe some, but not a lot. If you have a lot of background processes running it could certainly help in that area, but again, maybe not enough to warrant a full platform upgrade.

Now if you wanted to go Ryzen 7 or Intel i7, that would be different, at least to some degree, because you'd see an IPC improvement AND more threads, in both cases, but I'm still not certain that for 60FPS gaming at 1080p, those are either necessary or beneficial when I believe that what you have now is capable of doing that with either of those cards anyhow, unless you are also wanting to record and stream, or any other type of heavy multitasking situation.
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Both GPUs will EASILY get you 1080p/60Hz. The RX590 is more akin to the GTX1660 though (if you're comparing red apples to green apples).

Priced the same and performing the same, I'd choose the GTX1660 over the RX590 myself.

What mobo do you have?
What PSU do you have?
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