I7-3770k select or reject ?


Dec 8, 2011

i want 2 purchase a cpu for my Asrock Z77extreme6 probably i7-3770k processor

i am an average gamer but a hardcore multitasker i want do do video encoding , conversion, editing and 3D remixing,
at almost 8 hours per day !!! becz this is what i do.

but the issue is that i rode many rewiews that it heats up quickly . so it might create a stability issue for me during my peak multitasking and almost 8 hours daily usage... i hate overclocking and always use turboboost as substitute .

i will make use of following technologies of this processor daily for consective 8 hours ...

1.hyper threading
3.builtin HD4000gpu (its just enough 4 me)
5.all 4 cores activated

would u think it will work stable for me ??? will it bear multitasking for consective 8 hours without hangs and freezes ???
will it make my Pc restart ??? will it heatup quicky or remain cool for 8 hours ???

following will be my rig specification:
17-3770k, AsrockExtreme6 , 1333 mhz kingston 4x4 total 8gb RAM, coolermaster silent pro 600 watts PSU,
coolermaster n520 cpucooler, Antec 600 , seagate 500GB 16 mb cache, (no external3D card) (no overclocking)

thanks if this processor is not suitable acoording to my work rquirment then kindly suggest me some other 1 ...


I would seriously look at a getting a discrete graphics card like a GTX560/560ti/570 or a Radeon 78**/79**. Not only will it improve your gaming experience it will also greatly help with your encoding, where the software packages support it.

As to the cooling, you won't have a problem, even if you raise the turbo boost or overclock a bit.

Very true. I know for a fact that Adobe Premier can utilise Nvidia GPU's for acceleration, which would speed up your encoding :)