Question i7-4770k after delid results, any good?

Jul 10, 2020
Hi guys im new to overclocking, i delidded my i7-4770k finally after 6 years.

Long story short, my Asus Maximus Formula VI smoked up, prior to that i still remember using prime 95 last month hitting 95c @4.0ghz 1.221V auto overclock then shutting down automatically when near 99c, not to mention it also messed up my kraken x60 (6 y.o) which i used in this tropical country averaging 36-40 between regular days and summer.

Luckily someone is still selling new motherboards here, i bought ASRock Z87 OC Formula for around $136 with 1 year warranty. ($110 for 2nd hand 3-4 y.o h81 boards).

Delidded my i7-4770k using Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra then adding nailpolish to the chips beside the die and reseal using RTV Black silicone (leaving 1 side without RTV so pressure and heat can escape)

My kraken x60 is running at max fan and max pump speed based on the sound with error "Device Descriptor Request Failed", the water inside of it seems to be a lot less than before, the weight is significantly lighter than before.

I overclocked it with this guide by Tech YES City

I followed everything except that I used override mode than adaptive mode because my voltage automatically ramps up to 1.331V regardless if the clock is between 3.9-4.2Ghz.

I Override it and set the clock multiplier of CPU to 42 then tuned lowest of 1.170V and Cache to 41 then tuned lowest of 1.145V I did ran Prime 95 and Aida64, i forgot to save a screenshot of each so i just made 25-30mins of each.

no case fan is installed, my case is NZXT Phantom 820, only the kraken x60's fan, r9 290x MSI Gaming 4G's fan and PSU's fan is working @25c controlled ambient TEMPS

Ram is corsair vengeance pro 16gb (8x2 1866mhz) used XMP Profile.

My temps Maxed out at 58c and 57c on Prime95 and Aida64 respectively. idling at 25-28c.

Did i overclocked it right? are my temps and voltage good? people are talking about silicon lottery and to be honest idk any of it because i just got into overclock. Let me know about this and any suggestion will be open! (specially safe voltages and temps!) Thank you!

AIDA 64 Results Screenshot
Prime 95 Results Screenshot


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You've got the right idea, but you have much more headroom available to reach a higher overclock, especially since you've delidded your 4770K.

Continue tweaking your clock speed and Core voltage until you reach your highest stable overclock. Do not exceed 80°C, or 1.300 Vcore, which is the maximum recommended Core voltage for 22 nanometer 3rd and 4th generation processors, such as the 3770K, 4770K and 4790K.

Here's the nominal operating range for Core temperature:

Core temperatures above 85°C are not recommended.

Core temperatures below 80°C are ideal.

Here's the Maximum Recommended Vcore per Microarchitecture from 14 to 65 nanometers since 2006:

Here's the guides that we recommend you read:

CPU overclocking guide and tutorial for beginners

Intel Temperature Guide
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