Question I7-4790 I think cooling problem?!

Jun 15, 2019
Hello there!

So, I was recently playing some overwatch with my friends, and this happened: I casually have like 100 fps on the highest settings, but now, the game had a lot of serious fps drops.

When I go into a fight and someone casts their ultimate, the game stops, and continues after 2-3 seconds.

I was curios, what's happening in the pc, so i touched the case... Bam! Through the case the CPU was super hot... I live in Hungary, at the moment the temperature in my room is like 32 C...

I immidiately started MSI afterburner, to see how hot is the cpu...

So these are the results: While writing this text, (idle) 40-45 C
Cs:Go: 70-80 C
Overwatch:70-85 C

And in games like apex legends it's even higher: 75-85 C

My setup: MSI GTX 1060 6gb
Intel core i7 4790 (non k)
8gb ddr3 ram
Case: Zalman Z1 Neo... All of them are with stock ventis.. PLease someone help, im a bit stressed about it.

Thank you for reading my post.
Replace that stock fan with a decent aftermarket solution, stock can barelly keep 4790 under somewhat reasonable temps even when room temps are normal, let alone when in summer and playing intensive games. While previous poster said 80C is OK, I tend to keep all Intel CPUs below 75C at all times, since throttling can and will occur when temps go higher, especially above 85C. Temp spikes can go even higher.

Adding several case fans might also help if airtflow is bad. But replace CPU fan first.
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Your temperatures with a 32c. ambient are actually quite good.
The throttle point is about 100c.
Perhaps you are cycling between 100c. with throttling and 80c. normal operation.
Hard to tell.
Regardless, a stronger cooler should help.
Also, take the case covers off and see if that helps.
If it does, look to better case cooling solutions.