Question i7 4790k reguarly hitting 100 degrees, even with fresh thermal paste


Mar 12, 2014
Hi guys, so I am not quite sure how long this has been going on for, but my PC has been running super hot, specifically the last couple of days. For years I have been reading the pump temp in corsair link as the CPU temp, which for the last couple of days has been hovering around 70 degrees. But as it turns out this has been the temperature of the water, not the CPU. The last couple of days I have noticed my PC being super super slow, so I decided to install HWInfo along with RealTemp and I was shocked to discover my temps are regularly hitting 100 or close to it. Upon discovering this I ordered thermal paste and replaced the existing paste as that has been on there for about 6 years now. I booted my PC up and no difference at all in temps, maybe slightly lower but nothing major (lowest is 67, highest is 100). I have had a good feel of the tubes of my pump and can definitely feel water flowing and one tube is warm, when combined with the high water temp I think the contact between the cooler and the CPU is good. The cooler is a Corsair H110i GTX and my case is a Corsair 780T, so a lot of airflow. While I was replacing the thermal paste I also gave my case a good clean and removed a lot of dust, but still no difference.

Any ideas of why the temps are so high? The CPU is not OC'd and I hit the 90's with just a few tabs open on firefox. Any advice is appreciated, cheers.


Jul 14, 2009
Well the fans are obviously working but you need to check two other things
  1. The paste under the IHS should be replaced it wears out and the vrm is on die meaning bad paste also causes instability, additionally badly pasted areas can kill the cpu( hot spots). You can get cost effective aluminium tools off eBay now
  2. The pump needs to be working as well, if the radiator isn’t getting any heat to exhaust that’s clearly the isssue