i7 4930k vs i7 5930k

Which one would you go for?

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Oct 25, 2013
I am currently building an OC/Gaming rig and I am on the fence between these two processors. The motherboards will be the highest tier Asus ROG available for the appropriate socket. I know the 5930k is the newer one but it carries the extra cost of DDR4 RAM. According to my research so far, the 5930k is slightly faster but the 4930k can be overclocked to insane speeds. So this is where you come in, what do you think?

I also have been told to settle for a 4790k instead but I am not very convinced for this option.
I will be running a GTX 980 and will be adding later a second one.


Feb 6, 2015
Found this thread and don't know if you already made the jump, but I have been building computers since 99 and I can tell you as long as the CPU exceeds the highest recommend requirements for the game than upgrading the CPU much more shows very little gain. The best improvement for your game is in the video card, and the memory. Now keeping this in perspective the 5930K has 40 lanes available to the PCI express 3.0 bus meaning you can run two cards at a full 16X PCIe mode in SLI. The 4790K still has the traditional 20 lanes which means you can run one card at 16X and another at X4 or two at X8 when running SLI. So the X99 chipset for the 5930K is what's going to give you a vast improvement VS the Z97 offered with the 4790K. Additionally DDR4 at the same clock speed has double the bandwidth of DDR3 which makes a greater improvement on the Video to RAM dataflow.