i7 6700k 80 C temp while streaming


Nov 25, 2015
Im making another thread because last one was solved and I've an update on what's going on.
I got rainbow six siege with my graphic card and i noticed after around 1 hour of streaming (obs 5000 kbitrate (before i had 3500 kbbitrate)) I have average temperature of 72 C and it spikes to 80 C ! Is that a problem? Stress test temps are still around 70 C MAX in Intel extreme tuning utility and 73 C max in realtemp prime 95. If I set max fps to 60 then I have around -5 C max temp drop.

Cpu usage while streaming with that speed is around 80%.

Another thing is that my cpu usage went up after more bitrate even in cs:go I have around 70 C max avg 62C)

I have zalman z3 plus white computer case and all 4 case fans working (3 of them are around cpu).

i7 6700k
16 gb ram 2400mhz
gtx 980 ti sjs
z170 pro gaming asus
zalman z3 computer case
fortis 3 silentiumpc (cooler)
thermal paste from arctic (I dont remember the name).


EDIT: I didn't OC my CPU freq. I think it might be happening because of heat from GPU. Please don't be influance by mine suggestion
Put a fan in the sidedoor to pull air out from GPU so it doesn't rise to the CPU and heat that up.

It's a quadcore processor. They are reaching their limits quite fast with recording/streaming.
Assasins Creed: Syndicate stutters with a quadcore Skylake and recording.