Question i7 6700k problem?


Mar 30, 2010
hi guys so 2 of my 4 cores keep hitting 100% usage after 5 or so mins of my computer being on when i go into task manager to see whats using it they all go back to normal but then 5 or so mins later they go back up to 100% again its like it knows when task manager is on so cant see the usage.
its always on the same cores 1 and 3
ive ran malwarebytes and nothing came back on that. has anyone else had this problem ive tried looking on net but no joy
cheers for any help.


If task manager triggers the usage to drop, how are you monitoring CPU usage? With a third party app?

are these your specs?

Gaming setup
• Windows 10 64bit
• Intel i7 6700k @4.6ghz
• Ram DDR4 16gb - Hyper X predator 3200mhz
• Nvidia gtx - 1080 8gb @1900mhz
• Psu ocz - fatality 850w
• Samsung PM961 m.2 256gb
• 6tb HDD storage
• Case - antec 1100

if so, it's a good idea to have your specs in your thread's body since a sig space specs can and will change over time making this thread and it's relevant suggestions moot to the user in the same boat as you.

That being said, you shouldn't be on that PSU...swap it out for a more reliable unit. Second, which version of Windows 10 are you on? You didn't state the make and model of your motherboard. Check to see which BIOS version you're currently on.