I7 7700 vs i7 7700k vs ryzen 1700 in games


Oct 13, 2012
I want to see something that no one has tested. I want to see how an i7 7700 non k performs against an i7 7700k and ryzen 7 1700 in games. Because if you look at any comparison where an i7 7700k is benchmarked at stock playing games and after an overclock it barely does 1fps more. So i think an i7 7700 non k for gaming is perfect. I would love to see benchmarks between those cpus. I own a i7 7700 non k and love it. I know ryzen is at par if not better. I could have bought a ryzen 7 1700 for exactly the same price as my i7 but i went for what i thought was perfect NOW. Any thoughts?


May 4, 2010
Why buy an 8c/16t Ryzen 7 1700 for only gaming? From the benchmarks I've seen only few tittles do justice to those extra threads. So unless you've got some productivity stuffs going around, the R5 1600X is a better choice with its higher default clock-speed. For 1080p gaming - even an i7 is a questionable option over an i5 for the same reason. We are all waiting for the day to dawn when the game devs start to favor cores over clock; until then your i7 7700 should be faster in most (and older) tittles than Ryzen 7.

With AOTS like optimization in place, an overclocked R7 1700 will be faster than most quad-core i7s but it'll still be a better workstation chip than a gaming one in my book.


Apr 3, 2017
If you do some productivity stuff or streaming you can get the ryzen 1700 if you need it mostly for gaming i would recommend the 1600 if you are willing to overclock if not go with the 1600x.




From the beginning, the constant comparison between Ryzen 7's and the i7-7700K has seemed to me to be fallacious. These processors are for two different purposes. The Ryzen 7 is 8-core which implies applications /programs that have a reasonably good multi-threading whereas the i7-7700K is a 4-core all about the single-thread performance. What is amazing is that Ryzen 7 has 8-cores for the same price as a 4-core I7-7700K.

The fact that the Zyzen 7's can be overclocked to quite high rates means that the single-thread performance can equal an i7-7700K running at the same rate. Since the 7700K is starting withe higher top clock speed and is a four core means that ultimately, there will be many more 7700K's stable at 5GHz than Ryzen 7's so in that sense it "wins" for strongly single-threaded uses such as as games and in fact quite a number of 3D applications. There are a lot of users of Solidworks running essentially high performance gaming systems- but with a Quadro GPU.

In summary, those wanting the highest possible single-thread performance- gaming or only 3D CAD and aren't running CPU renderings, scientific /analytical/simulation applications- buy i7-7700K. Those doing CPU renderings, scientific /analytical/simulation applications + don't need the PCIe lanes and memory bandwidth of LGA2011-3 + would like an astoundingly affordable and fast 8-core = Ryzen 7.

You chose wisely.



PS: Current Project: Having strongly considered a Ryzen 7 1800X and, alternately, using an i7-7700K plus a 16-core dual Xeon, the solution is:

Xeon E5-1680 v2 8-core 3.0 /3.9GHz _O/C to 4.3GHz on all cores
HP z620 case/chassis and motherboard
64GB DDR3-1866 ECC registered
Quadro P2000 5GB (performs similarly to GTX 1060) + Tesla M2090 6GB GPU coprocessing card
HP Z Turbo Drive M.2 265GB + Intel 730 480GB + 2X Seagate Constellation ES.3 1TB (RAID 1)

About the same cost as a Ryzen 7 1800X system with the same GPU and drives- but the RAM can be 192GB and there are 40 PCIe lanes so the GPU's both run at x16.



Oct 13, 2012
I copied this from somewhere else where i replied to some benchmarks............................................. You know what? All this talk of every one telling you to get, the i7 7700k version? Its not worth it. Even a overclocked i7 7700k to the max of 5ghz musters up 1fps extra to a stock i7 7700k and that equals to a maximum of 6 fps extra in some games over an i7 7700 non k. That to me is why i dont see any benchmarks of the normal i7 7700. Because its the best value i7 or gaming cpu out there especially if you plat battlefield 1 like me. I bought an i7 7700 non k with G.skill ddr4 2400mhz 2x8gb ram, msi b250m bazooka motherboard and a Rx480 4gb Powercolor. Its the best value i could get ever. Dont believe i could have done better

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