Question I7-7700hq temp spikes when START playing.

Dec 21, 2020
Hi! I have a Dell Inspiron Gaming 15 7567, came with 8gb of ram (a couple of days ago I added 8 more, so now it has 16) and a GTX 1050ti.
Thing is I play on low usually, and I play Battlefield 3 and for what I could investigate temps are ok for both the cpu and the gpu. But now, I've notice that when I start a new game temps kinda go to 92°C, just for a couple of seconds, and then go back to 82°. And then it does it again. A couple of times, and then, finally it stabilizes on 75°C with maybe a top on 84, 85.
This are normal stats: View:

This are the spikes: View:

I ONLY changed the energy settings from Energy Saving to Performance when format the pc a month ago, just for maintenance. So I put this back on default and I'm going to see if this happens again.
But I'm intrigued and I would like your thoughts and advice. Have a nice day! 🤓
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