Question i7 7700K maxing 100c at 60-70% load


Aug 5, 2012
Hi guys,

So to preface this, I'm not new to building PCs. Been doing it for around 10 years or so. However, I am at a loss as to what the problem is here, and hoping for some other experienced users to shed some light.

I have an i7 7700K being "cooled" by an H115i. I have not tweaked the CPU in any way whatsoever, it is running completely stock and has been doing for several years. The CPU idles between 40-50c and is hitting 100c at 60-70% load in games such as Modern Warfare. This is of course an absolutely bonkers temperature for a CPU to hit.

Originally I thought the problem was airflow, poor thermal compound or a combination of both. I had a Phanteks Evolv ATX, and recently swapped it over to the Evolv X which has better airflow, and reseated the cooler with brand new thermal paste. No change at all.

I know the 7700K is a hot chip, but it shouldn't be this hot. I'm trying to figure out whether the problem I have is with the cooler or the CPU itself. The cooler is set to max pump RPM and the fans are adjusted accordingly to the water temp on a balanced curve. I have noticed the water temp is around 35-40c pretty much all the time, not sure if this is normal?

I am probably going to be advised to delid my CPU. I appreciate that Intel's TIM is awful, however I would still prefer my CPU to be running at safe temperatures out of the box, so I don't think this is the solution.

Many thanks in advance and I'm looking forward to your responses.
Dec 9, 2019
Interesting. I had the same thing happen with my 7700k around the same time as you. In my case the h115i had failed, but even with a brand new x72 krakenon their it's still pushing 80-81°C at 100% load.

I'm starting to wonder how many other people who have had the 7700k for a few years are having this problem.