Question i7 7700k OC/Temps

Jul 13, 2019
Hello everyone, i recently upgraded from a 6600k to a 7700k cpu. At first i had reset my bios and ran some simple test, my Voltage and everything else was set to auto, at some point with my mobos auto settings my V went up to 1.408 lol i KNOW THAT IS HIGH lol.. so i started doing some research and right now im running it at 1.18v for a 4.5ghz OC, at first i did have some lock ups for a couple seconds when opening programs but i then changed my ram to xmp 3200mhz and no more lock ups...

So my next thing is, im obv going to overclock.. i had my 6600k oc to 4.7ghz at some point(but i ran it at 4.4 for temp reasons), but with this chip(i know 7700ks run very hot) i cant even start a srtess test like p95 because i instantly hit 90C! Is my voltage too high?? i know all chips are different but for majority the voltages will be about the same for OC, i have read some people pushing 4.8 at 1.20 V i have a buddy who is at 4.9 with 1.152! lol... so am i giving it too much voltage? I cant even run a stress test beofre hitting high 80s.. it does not lag at all during gaming or during normal operations.. during gaming i am getting 50 - 65C while running heavy demanding games, but i do have a pretty huigh idle.. around 45C .-. i have ran heaven benchmark for a good 30 mins with no issues, and gaming for about 1-2 hrs without issues.. so how would i for sure know my OC is stable? (because my p95 and other programs jump up to 80+C lol) i have also rea pplied my thermal paste.

Here are my specs..
asus sabertooth z170 s
crucial 500gb ssd
600w evga psu(i do have a 750 laying around so i may switch it out)
CM masterliquid ml 240mm aio

My xmp is set to 3200mhz for my ram its running at 1.35v
BLCK ratio is 100
my vcore is at 1.18 set at 4.5ghz
i havent really messed with my other mobo settings

my mobo settings(first pic is with V set to auto..1.40v.. at idle lol..

Could it be that my mobo just doesnt want to get along with 7th gen? bios are up to date as well.. im ready to cave and sell the 7700k and get a 6700k lol :(same thing pretty much