[SOLVED] i7 7700k overclocking

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You should also be manually adjusting the voltage when you overclock. If you have voltage set to auto this could be part of the reason why you have high temperatures. Motherboards automatically use higher than necessary voltages so you might be able to dial back the voltage to reduce the temperature. I still think if you were to test temps at stock, you'd still have a thermal issue with that existing cpu cooler.
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my 7700K would allow all-core turbo of 4.7 GHz(via MCE, and XTU tweaks) at Asus Z270 default 1.248 V core voltage at 70-74C, but, stability at 4.8 GHz required a .05V bump in voltage that raised temps by 9C to the mid-80s... (NO LIKE!)

No need, I'm content with only effectively '2/3rds' of an 8700K, even 26 months later....

In any event, the 7700K does 'ok' still at 1080P, but, we certainly should not expect it to keep up with the 8700K, much less a 9700K/9900K...

If streaming is added to gaming, the 7700K will be overwhelmed...not enough threads.