I7 7800x for Gaming


Jul 31, 2007
I bought a gaming PC about a year ago form Ibuypower. It has an i7 7800x CPU, 16 gigs of memory and a 1080 (non Ti) GPU. I has been great running a 144hz 1440 monitor for gaming.

I just preloaded Fallout 76 and the system spec checker says I am good to go except the CPU, it is unsure about it. I asked in the game's forum and was told the game just isn't aware of that CPU and it is "rare" in the gaming world a "waste" for gaming but it should be fine.

This got me to thinking, even if the extra cores are a waste, is the processor slow in terms of current offerings? Is it hurting my game performance and worth considering an upgrade?
The 7800x fits in for a mixed gaming productivity build with the extra PCIe lanes..If you are only using the build for gaming, then yes it loses just a little to the top gaming CPU's like the 8700K, 9700K and 9900K.

I still say at the resolution you are playing at, 1440p, it is more than good enough and a upgrade to a 1080ti/2080 would be the much better bet, than a wholesale change to the Z390 and 8700K or 9900K side as your GPU is the biggest factor in play at the moment...

Sell the 1080 and upgrade to a second hand 1080ti or to a new 2080/2080ti...though the 2080 series is so absurdly priced.