Question i7-8565u excessive heat problem on my laptop ?

May 9, 2021
Hello, i have bought a laptop with core i7 8565u processor, and mx110 (overclocked, 28nm architecture, 35w, 1135mhz core, 7000mhz memory) graphics card. As intel says, this processor can hit 4.6ghz on single core turbo clock, and 4,1ghz on all cores. But it produces too much heat, even when the high and max tdp values are 25 and 51. I have bought a 2-fans cooling pad, used high quality thermal paste, cleaned the fan and heat dissipator, and even downclocked the integrated gpu, but the processor is still running hot, throttling all the time when it hits 94c.

I let throttlestop do stress test on it, after 3 secs, the clock was 3.6, and 33.8w tdp, after 30 secs, the clock was 2.2ghz with 12.4w tdp. After 2 minutes, the clock was almost on its base, 2.0ghz with 10w tdp. When i stressed both gpu and cpu at the same time, the clock was ALMOST 1.6GHZ WTF??? What the heck is happening lol, the gpu even hit 98c because of the heat being produced by the processor, which made it throttle its clock too. help me pls