Question I7 8700(non K) temperature issue

Mar 5, 2021
Hi, i have an i7 8700 non-K that i bought 28 months ago. Recently it started to heat up to constant 100°C while playing games. I searched on forums and most people say that the stock cooler is really bad, so i bought a Deepcool Gamaxx 400 and replace the thermal paste with the one that this cooler brought. Also cleaned the entire PC with compressed air (it wasn't that dusty though). After installed, the temperature it's still the same.
It's worth to note that i didn't overclocked, it's with the factory parameters. It raises up to 100°C while playing games pretty resourse intense like CoD Cold War, but also while playing a card game in an Android emulator (Bluestacks).
I can give details on my whole specs if you need any info, also any screenshot, maybe there's some crucial information i'm missing.

Thank youy very much for your help!


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Other than being thermally inadequate for your i7-8700, Intel stock coolers use very problematic "push-pin" fasteners that all too often pop loose from the motherboard, which is very common and well known problem.

Although the Deepcool Gammaxx 400 is a decent budget cooler, it also uses push-pins, whereas the equivalent Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO uses proper fastening hardware with a backplate. Unfortunately, you've replaced a stock push-pin cooler with an aftermarket budget push-pin cooler.

Although the push-pin mechanism might seem simple, they can be deceivingly tricky to get them fully inserted through the motherboard and properly latched. If your case allows access to the back of the CPU socket, use a strong light to closely and very carefully examine the push-pins of your Gammaxx 400. If it's installed correctly, then all 4 push-pins should be protruding an identical distance through the back of the motherboard.

However, it's highly likely that you'll see one push-pin that's slightly recessed compared to its neighbors. This means the cooler has poor and uneven contact pressure with the CPU, which causes the exact problem you're experiencing. To fix the problem, rotate the head of the push-pin in the direction of the arrow counterclockwise 90° then retract the pin by pulling upward on the head. Rotate the head clockwise 90° to reset the latch, but do NOT push on the head of the pin yet. To get the pin fully inserted through the motherboard, push only on that leg of the cooler, NOT on the head of the pin.

While holding the leg firmly against the motherboard with one hand, you can now push on the head of the pin with your other hand until you hear the latch "click". On the back of the motherboard the newly reseated push-pin should appear exactly the same as its neighbors. Your Core temperatures should then be typical for your CPU and cooler combination.

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