Question i7 8700K 100% Usage 5% GPU Usage

Mar 26, 2019
Disclaimer: New to PC gaming (October 2018)

i7 8700k (6x 3.7GHz / 12 MB L3 cache)
MSI GeForce RTX 2080 8 GB GDDR6
ASUS Z370 Plus Gaming RGB

A recent NVIDIA driver update resulted in Battlefield V running a very unsteady 90-120 fps (1080p ULTRA) Where I’m used to seeing a steady 140+ fps. I brought up task manager and found 100% CPU/ 90-100% GPU usage. I tried dropping the graphics setting all to LOW and found more or less the same results.

I decided the fault most likely was with the updates drivers. I rolled back the drivers, booted up BFV and managed to get 140-165 fps on 1080 and ULTRA with 100%CPU/<5% GPU usage. This seemed odd but at least I was seeing a much steadier and higher fps. However after about 30-69 minutes of similar performance things started to tail off. CPU/GPU usage remained more or less the same but fps dropped back down to 90-110.

This is more or less my first time playing BFV in a month or so, so I’m not sure if a game update could have an effect like this? I used to be able to get 120ish fps on 1440p ULTRA settings.

Sorry for the lengthy post.

Amidst any driver issues, there was also an MS update (10-14 days ago?) that was hosing folks' frame rates, that MS recommended removing....; if you search for 'WIndows update robs gaming performance', you will find what update to look for, just in case that might be a contributor in your case...

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