Question i7-8700K Benchmark Performing Below Expectations (Not Overclocked) (I Know Most Of The Benchmarks Are Overclocked)

Apr 16, 2019
Hello. I'm only asking this question because I remember benchmarking right after I built my PC and my processor was performing as expected. Now, I'm performing below expected, as you can see from the benchmark.

One reason I think this may be is that the number of people who benchmarked with an overclocked 8700K continued to rise, therefore lowering my benchmark performance. (It's been around 8-10 months).

I just wanted to make sure my CPU was doing fine. I was a little skeptical because the turbo boost was supposed to be for 4.7Ghz, but on the benchmark, it states 4.3. I checked in BIOS and Intel XTU and they both seemed to say Intel Turbo Boost was enabled, but I'm not sure if that's the only thing I should look out for.
Lastly, this could be a result of me re-installing windows. I accidentally deleted some user profiles in the registry, which ultimately led to me using my data and re-installing Windows.

Thanks everyone!



4.3GHz is the "all core" turbo, so totally normal.

As for the benchmark itself, it's not the most reliable. It is a weighted average too, meaning the more overclocked CPUs that get logged, the further down the 'stack' a stock CPU will look.
Trying running something like Cinebench R15 (as there will be a lot more results there vs R20) and compare vs known legit benchmarks online.
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