Question I7 8700K Can't OC pass 4.8ghz. Temp super high.

Aug 10, 2019
Hi Guys. So I tried OC my I7 8700K + MSI GAMING 5 + H100i v2. But I got a few problems:

atm, I am running daily with 4.6ghz 1.240v, Adaptive + Offset -0.008 ,AVX -1, LLC 5 => it's run stable here. Temp idle about 35-45C. Full Load Adobe Premier: about 75-80C. Full load Prime95 30mins 85C.

So I tried to up it at 4.9ghz 1.356v. Manual voltage. LLC4. avx-1 => Instant reset at Cine-benchr20. Here it pulls up to 1.36 or above on cpuz under full load.

I tried 4.8ghz 1.35v. Manual volt. LLC 4. Avx-1 => 99C load cinebench r20. It reset after 10 mins Full load Adobe Premier

I tried 4.7 ghz at under 1.3 and it's all instant reset under stress test of any kind.

One thing that I noticed: that the Voltage jump differently when I test with different software. Adobe and Cine-bench pull higher Voltage and cpu gets hotter faster than Prime 95v26.6 without avx.

Soft used: HWmonitor, Cpu-z, and core temp. And I did put AIO fan at performance when stress test. Only daily I put them at quite.

So here is my questions: where exactly are the problems? Did I got a super bad chip so it gets too hot whenever I put voltage more than 3.5. Or may cooler is not good enough to cool the chip? or Both? Or did I do sth wrong with the set up?

edit: I use antic 4mx on the air cooler. CPU not delided.

And what are the solution?