I7 920 @ 4.0ghz - intelburntest temps


Apr 24, 2009

I have posted this in the "General" cpu section and not the overclocking section and apologize for the double post. I am still new here to the forums.

I am just testing to see how far I can push my cpu but am not going to run it full time at these high clocks... I will most likely keep it around 3.6ghz and ram clocked at 1804mhz. (Stable prime95 and intelburntest)

I just passed intelburntest and used the option 1 for max stress and 10 passes... the temps do go up pretty high even with a cooler master v8 w/ a swaped out 105cfm Silverstone fan in a xclio Windtunnel full tower.

(This is a c0/c1 stepping chip w/ Asus P6T Deluxe V2 & Corsair Dominator 1866mhz ram clocked down to 1604mhz.)

Settings are:
CPU Ratio: 20
BLCK: 200
CPU Vcore: 1.35v
Ram Bus Vcore: 1.66v
Ram timings: 9-9-9-24-2T

Highest core temps recorded:
Core 0: 82*c :eek:
Core1: 80*c
Core2: 80*c
Core3: 76*c

Highest CPU temp itself was 71*c - Also to add my ambiet room temps is around 60*F haha... pretty cool day here.


This is all while surfing the web and chatting on Aim. I read that using the linpack testing will result in higher temps than prime and it did for me... but the tolerance level of the temps is more acceptable/understandble because of the load.

**What I am wondering is if my temps are too high during the intelburntest: option1/10 passes.

(Note: I have a Prolimatech Megahalems comming in the mail so the temps will definitely go down.)

Thank you for your responses in advance! :hello:


Apr 24, 2009
You can use google to search for it easily but the one I dl'ed seemed to be the latest version that I can find. I downloaded from Guru3d.com.


I am aware that they say you should try to keep temps below 79*c but i also have read elsewhere that linpack testing generates more heat, so it will have a higher heat threshold level. If I had run prime95 instead the temps will definitely be lower than those that I posted above (82*c - 76*c).

Nonetheless, my new heatsink should defnintely drop some c's off the temps but I am only basing this off of all the great reviews on it.

The voltage for ram is a known issue with the Asus P6T boards since it only allows you to increase in intervals of .02. 1.65v defaults to 1.66...

Cpu Vcore is not so bad for running the CPU at 1.35v... I was only testing it anyways and will not be running it that high full time. I tried 1.3v and it was unstable and could possibly do lower than 1.35v but I have not tried to.

Right now I have it clocked back down to 3.6ghz @ 1.2v stock and running my ram at 1600mhz overclocked @ 1804mhz (Stable on prime95 and intelburntest). Idle CPU temps: 34c-37c, load CPU temps: 50c. Core temps around for idle39-40's, load around 65c (prime95).
I'm at work so I can check when I get home. I use Yahoo, since I like their News. At least you didn't use Google as a verb... I have to correct everyone that says "Just Google it" *SMACK*
I think your temps are fine I sit idle around 55C. And max around 85C. My voltage is at 1.3v at 4GHz. I wouldn't want to top 90C on a night overclock. Im using OCCT so it beat the snot of out my CPU.

It's not to hot, you are good. I mean it IS hot, but the i7 does run toasty.