I7 920 graphics card match


May 11, 2009
Hello All,
I just had an opportunity to get an i7 920 d0 for $142 so I made the move on it and I'll be building the rest of the system around it. I am planning on doing a half new build and keeping as much of my old system as possible and using the old one in an HTPC. Currently I have an e6750@3.2 and a 9800GX2, what I'm wondering is should I go to the trouble of upgrading to a new card? The GX2 is kind of old (march 08, i think?) But I haven't had any issues with it thus far, and I believe my current bottleneck is my dual core CPU.
Once I get the 920 system do you guys think there would be any real benefit in a better graphics card? If so that might help determine whether or not I'm looking for a board with sli/cf compatibility. Currently I play on a 22" @1680x1050, CS: source, left 4 dead (2 when it comes out), I'll be playing borderlands when it comes out too.
For 1680x1050 the 9800x2 should be more than fine. For now just put it in the new computer and get something cheap like an HD4650 for the HTPC.
Hold off on a new card until you are buying a monitor that needs it.