I7-920 overclock? cant be this easy, can it?


Dec 24, 2006
Im trying to oc for the first time, I have built my own system and Im good with troubleshooting but as far as oc'n goes I must be a dumb ass. I have done allot of reading about oc'n and some of the settings people talk about changing I cant seem to find.
My spec's
I7-920 cpu
asus p6t deluxe
6 gig 3x2 OCZ Ptainum 1333 memory
evga gtx260 core 216 55nm gpu
150 gig WD Raptor HD
pc pwr/cooling 750 watt sli cert ps
stock Intel cpu ait cooler
coolermaster nv690 case

In the bios I use XMP mode and I changed my bclk from a stock setting of 133 and changed it to 167. The other settings like memory multiplier, uncore multiplier, qpi multiplier and cp multiplier I cannot find to be able to change them. I saw something that said when I change my bclk in XMP mode all the other setting will change automatically.
Is this True?
Is that all there is to a mild oc, just change my bclk and im done?

here is my cpuz screen shot, left cpuz is the oc and the right one is the stock cpuz
sorry for what probably is a dumb post but tx for any help
Your screenie is too small to see the specs. Please post them or make a thumbnail so that specs can be seen in a normal size picture.

Based upon what you have stated, though..... in many cases, it is completely possilbe to achieve a minor overclock by changing just the FSB setting.


Oct 30, 2008
If i remember right when I overclocked my 920 all I changed was the bclk. I also messed with some RAM timings but that's optional. I'm not a fan of playing with voltages though, so I don't.