I7 930 in a gigabyte mobo? Anyone tried yet?

greasy dave

Nov 30, 2009
Question is as in the thread title.
The i7 930 has been available where I live (Czech) for a couple of weeks now. I bought a gigabyte X58A U3DR mobo two weeks ago and was gonna buy the i7 930 cpu when I had a sudden"what if the bios is not compatible" thought.

I wrote to Gigabyte and they told me that they don't know and that they're testing the CPU...and until info appears on their website they can't say for certain.

So I've been waiting...and waiting...and now I'm getting a bit itchy and impatient to finally get my new build bought and built, so i thought I'd ask the community if anyone's bought an i7 930 yet and put it in a gigabyte mobo and had problems?

Officially the processor's not released till the end of the week...so maybe I'll only have to wait that long for Gigabyte to make their annoncement...but like I said, I've got time on my hands now and wouldn't mind starting building.

Not holding out much hope for a reply, but thought I'd ask anyway.


Mar 4, 2010
Yes recently purchased a GA-X58A-UD7 and an i7 930 (they have been availbale in Oz for about two weeks).

Very happy for the moment.