I7 930 OC help

iam fuzz

Sep 18, 2010
Hi everyone. I was hoping you guys could help me out here


CPU: i7 930
RAM: Corsair Dominator DDR3 2 x 4GB @ 9-9-9-25 1T @ 1460mhz (1333mhz sticks, but runs @ 1066 default)
GFX: 2 x MSI GTX465
Cooling: h70
PSU: TAGAN Turbo 700W

I recently OC'ed my 930 to 4.0ghz @ 22x183 (turbo'd) and got my RAM timings down to the 9-9-9-25 (it was 11-11-11-30) for the longest time. Im having problems running my games. It feels like my comp is running a bit sluggish when loading them. COD4 for example sits at the initial loading screen for a bit and then finally loads up

Heres my bios setting right now

CPU Clock Ratio ( 22X )
CPU Host Frequency (Mhz) ( 183 )
CPU Uncore Frequency (Mhz) ( 17x )
Spread Spectrum ( Disabled )
PCIE Frequency (Mhz) ( 100 )
Memory Feature
Memory Control Setting ( Enabled )
Memory Frequency ( 2:8 )
Channel Interleave Setting ( 6 Way )
Rank Interleave Setting ( 4 Way )
tCL Setting ( 9 )
tRCD Setting ( 9 )
tRP Setting ( 9 )
tRAS Setting ( 25 )
tRFC Setting ( 107 )
Command Rate ( 1T )
Voltage Control
EVGA VDroop Control ( Without VDroop )
CPU VCore ( 1.325 )
CPU VTT Voltage ( +300 )
CPU PLL VCore ( auto )
DIMM Voltage ( 1.650V )
DIMM DQ Vref ( +0 )
QPI PLL VCore ( auto )
IOH VCore ( auto )
IOH/ICH I/O Voltage ( auto )
ICH VCore ( auto )
CPU Feature
Intel SpeedStep ( Disabled )
Turbo Mode Function ( Enabled )
CxE Function ( Disabled )
Execute Disable Bit ( Disabled )
Virtualization Technology ( Disabled )
Logical Processor Setting
Intel HT Technology ( Enabled )
Active Processor Cores ( All )
QPI Settings
QPI Control Settings ( Enabled )
QPI Link Fast Mode ( Enabled )
QPI Frequency Selection ( 4.8 GT/s )

Any help would be appreciated. Im pretty sure its a voltage problem, but im new to the whole OC'ing scene so i cant pinpoint exactly what it is.

Little extra info:

I used to be able to run Crysis on my old OC setup, but i decided to tighten my ram timings because i didnt like the 11-11-11-30 setupd. Before i changed it, i created an OC profile for my 465's and specifically tailored it so that it could run at its max in Crysis. Now when i use that same profile in Crysis, my screen tweaks out, and i get hard locked and have to reset my comp.

When trying to OC, much of the time 1 of my sticks (4gb) wouldnt get recognized in windows so i had to find a QPI setting that would enable me to OC to 4.0ghz, keep my 9-9-9-25 timing and enable full access to my ram. QPI #183 was what i came up with.

Hopefully you guys can take a look at my settings and figure out what would probably work the best.

I am on my computer 24/7 so i will reply back to any questions you guys have for me. Its lights out for me right now, so ill be back in 7-8hrs. THANKS!



Jan 26, 2010
Have you stability tested the CPU? Have you checked your temps? Are you running an aftermarket cooler? Have you read a guide? Do you have any idea what your doing?

These are the questions you need to answer. If you answered no to any of those questions then you need to reset your OC to stock and await further instructions. You could permanently damage your CPU and system.

If you answered yes to those questions then you need to provide some more information. Temps (idle/load), time running P95, voltage, etc.