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Question i7 9700k, are this temps right?

Sep 21, 2019
I saw on different forums some people calming that their 9700k runs iddle 30c and gaming 50c with different air cooling/corsair water cooling...... at 5.0ghz

I have it running with a H100i and the results are the followings:

OC 5.0 1.325V
iddle 44
gaming 64-71
stress 70-82

Non OC
iddle 38
gaming 60-68
Stress 62-69 (When doing strees without OC I noticed that "Power limit throttling" turns "ON" in the soft.

I know my temps are safe, it is running under 75C so Im not worried about it, I find it a little weird the HUGE difference in temps...,Are they lying or do I have something wrong? I find it really hard to believe that at 5ghz (or even non OC) you can make this CPU run at 50c while gaming....my room is not freezing, but I have the AC on because its summer, still couldn't achieve those temps on winter.
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Your temps look fine.

For your question their to many variables, room temp, is your board actually putting more voltage to the chip then it's reading, and like you said are they actually telling the truth, case airflow, how much heat is the video card dumping in the case, program their reading the temp with the game their running. Really to many to list. Personally I find the temps they are saying a little far fetched.

Their some highend air coolers that beat a H100.
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