I7 9700k constant 100% usage

Feb 5, 2019

I bought a new pc recently but it has not been doing me any good.

The conpoments

Intel i7 9700k
G skill 16gb 3200mhz
Zotac rtx 2080 amp extreme
Msi z390 carbon pro gaming
480gb kingston ssd
Corsair rm650x
6 Corsair HD120
Cooler Master ml360 r

My problem is that i my CPU is running at 100% usage all the time. Even just google or spoity use 60% of it. Temps are all good. When i game my game will freeze for 10 to 30 seconds every 30min or so. It's driving me nuts.
I have all drivers for my motherboard, gpu, ram and chipset.

Anybody have any suggestions on what it might be?
was this a fresh/new WIndows install, or a pre-existing OS with a new MB, GPU, etc...?

With internet disconnected, lets see what CPU usage is in task mngr, and what processes seem to be running/dominating the scene..

Also, make sure all WIndows updates are done and applied before we chase high cpu usage....

Then, confirm in Balanced Power mode within WIndows, and not some sort of Economy/power saving mode where we run at only 800 Mhz or so...

CHeck CPU temps at idle (800 MHz or so?) and under load , and, confirm at least one core is hitting 4.8 GHz or so occasionally...; a run with Intel's Extreme Tuning Utility, specifically the CPU Stress Test should show temps and clock speeds achieved accurately as well....it will hit 80C or so at 4.7-4.8 GHz...

If we see normal clock speed behavior and temps, we will decide where to go from there....
Feb 5, 2019

Everything is updated. It is not running on power saving. The cpu runs at 4.57ghz at all time and uses 100% of the cpu. It lags when i open the computer, it lags when i open basically all programs. Temps don't get above 50c at high performance or at idle. Im not sure if its just a falty cpu?
Was this a full fresh WINdows install, or a reboot with new hardware?

Drop to one stick of RAM, on BIOS 'reset to defaults', vice selecting anything overly fast in XMP profiles....

What does HWMonitor show your clock speeds and temps at when idle? And then again, running Intel Extreme Tuning Utility/Stress Test (cpu stress only checked, at default 5 minutes is fine) Certainly your temps should be above 50C w/ the aforementioned stress test, likely closer to 65-70C...