Question i7 9700k High CPU Usage? PLEASE HELP!

May 13, 2019

So first of all, specs...

CPU - Intel i7 9700K
Motherboard - ASUS PRIME Z390 - A
GPU - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070
RAM - 32GB Corsair Vengeance
PSU - Corsair TX750M

Over the last 2 or 3 weeks or so my CPU (9700k) usage has sky rocketed on programmes that used to sit at around 30-35%.

If I open my internet browser my CPU usage goes up to 40%, from one tab!

The main problem I am having with this is gaming. I mainly play PUBG which used to sit around 20% usage on the CPU, this is now sitting up at 60-70%! I also play Ghost Recon Wildlands which uses far more of the CPU than PUBG and that game now stutters as the CPU usage goes up to 100% on occassion but is always at 75-85% now.

Both games are ran on medium to high graphics.

Tempretures for the CPU don't go over 50-55 degrees.

I have tried all sorts of things, I am up to date on all drivers and up to date with the windows version.

I have tried a fresh Windows install and that hasn't resolved anything, the only answer that I'm left with is a faulty CPU.

Am I expecting too much from a 9700k? The reason I'm so baffled is my friend has an 8700k and sits around 30% on Wildlands!

I really am at a loss and would appreciate all help. I have attached a screen grab of task manager and core temp alongside each other to show you what I mean.

Thanks in advance folks.



Update your motherboard BIOS.

Then, do a clean install of your graphics drivers using the DDU. That alone is probably the majority of your problem and it usually fixes about 75% of these kinds of issues.

Please ignore the fact that the images are borked. Tinypic just pulled a Photobucket and stopped their free image hosting after years of people uploading images to their site so you're likely to see a lot of this across the internet until images can be fixed by uploading them elsewhere.




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