Question i7 9700k high voltage and temp.


Mar 7, 2019
My specs are:
i7 9700k
beQuet! Dark Rock Pro 4 CPU Cooler
Thermaltake Rome 750W 80+ Gold PSU
Asus Prime Z390-P
Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 gb
DDR4 3200Mhz
Coolermaster masterbox 5 MSI edition
Zotac RTX 2070 Mini
Corsair MP510 nvme
Kingston SATA SSD
Toshiba SATA HDD

Idle CPU temp. is 36-45c. In games is 71-79c but temp. sometimes goes up to 86c on some cores.
With this overclock games never crashed. CPU Voltage is pretty high 1.396-1.411. I changed "SVID Behavior" to "Typical Scenario" and OC Tuner mode to "Keep Current Setting" and voltage dropped to 1.291-1.310, also temperature dropped in every game for 5-10c, but every game start crashing, freezing or restarting my PC. Sometimes i get that windows blue screen with message "Something went wrong" and pc restart itself after crash report, sometimes PC just restart or game freeze.

This is my OC settings in BIOS. Settings which cause high voltage and temps.
I use XMP II profile and OC preset - OC Tuner II

My OC setting in BIOS are:

Ai Overclock Tuner: XMP II
Avx instruction core negative offset: 2
Bclk frequency : 100.0000
Bclk spread spectrum: Auto
Asus multi core enhancement: Auto - lets BIOS Optimize
SVID Behavior: Auto
CPU Core Ratio: Sync All Cores
Core Ratio Limit: 50
BCLK Frequency: DRAM Frequency Ratio: Auto
DRAM Odd Ratio Mode: Enabled
DRAM Frequency: DDR4-3200mhz
OC Tuner: OC Tuner II
Power-Saving & performance mode: Performance mode
CPU C- States: Disabled
CFG Lock: Disabled
Turbo mode: Enabled
Intel SpeedStep: Disabled
Intel Speed Shift Technology: Disabled

I am worried about high voltage not really about temperatures and i need a advice which setting I should change to drop voltage without crashing games. Thanks in advance.
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