Question i7 9700k I need suggestions


May 15, 2013
Hello everyone I need help with the following, if it can be:
I have the cpu on the motherboard set to automatic and I see with cpu z that the idle processor stays between 4.7 / 4.8 ghz, obviously in perfect automatic voltage. the issue is that when I put the cpu in full load, it is limited to a maximum frequency of 4.6 ghz. I obviously want a full load to reach 4.9 ghz.
I guess you have to configure something in the bios so that the turbo boost of the CPU works at 4.9 at full load. I have the high performance energy configuration in windows.

My motherboard is asus z390e. At the moment I have configured the following options (the others are in automatic):

ASUS MultiCore Enhancement Disable
CPU Current Capability 140% (is the max)
Long Duration Package Power Limit 4096
Package Power Time Window 127
Short Duration Package Power Limit 4096
CPU Core/Cache Current Limit Max 255.75
CPU VCCIO Voltage 0.950 (estandar)
CPU System Agent Voltage 1.050 (estandar)

*I don't know if the energy options of the CPU in the bios should be deactivated and, especially what it should do with the intel speedsteps, Speed Shift Technology and TVB Voltage Optimizations.
Well, I hope your suggestions, thanks


If you have a cpu cooler that can handle it. An all core turbo setting on a 9700k can reach 200w, most all budget type coolers like the Hyper212 etc are only rated for 140w, which is why the cpu downclocks in turbo modes, to reduce and manage heat output.

Turbo mode itself is a factory set OC, wattage TDP settings are taken at base clocks, not turbo, so setting all core turbo is not so much overclocking as it is adjusting overclock settings.


The H80i v2 is roughly a 220w cooler. The I7-9700k is capable at 4.9GHz locked core OC of reaching @ 200w output.

What that means is gaming temps will be ok to a little warm, but Prime95/Aida64/IBT etc stress tests pushing 100% loads are going to be very warm to a little too warm for taste.

The H80i is the best 120mm there is, almost as capable as a H100i, which is about 250w, but it's the 180w ish+ range where that 120mm starts suffering from sheer lack of capacity.