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Question i7 9700k speeds and turbo boosting

Apr 4, 2020
So to start off I'm not really experienced in this and I'm just looking for some advice and help regarding my speeds on my CPU (i7 9700k)

So the 9700k has a base clock speed of 3.6, however mine seems to always run at 4.6 no matter what. It'll have little to no load while idling and it'll never go below 4.6 and average around 4.6 - 4.7. My temps are fine (30 to 45) and I have good cooling and I'm just seeing if this is a good or bad thing to have as I've never overclocked my system and I don't want to damage my components in any way. I'm just looking for some advice if I should look to change this or what not as I'm really confused on the whole thing. Someone told me its because my CPU is always turbo boosting and apparently that's only supposed to happen when its under load. Just looking for any advice on what I should to do. Thanks!
With turbo boost /speed step, etc., engaged, 4.6 GHz would be the clock speed achieved under an all-core tasking load....(4.7 GHz for 5-6 cores loaded, 4.8 GHz for 3 or 4 cores loaded, and 4.9 GHz for one or two cores at peak tasking/clock speed)

In Balanced power mode within Windows Power Management, and all chipset drivers installed, during periods of very low CPU load such as loafing at the browser, playing solitaire, etc., most will see clock speeds of as low as 800-1200 MHz to conserve power, and careful observation (in HWMonitor or CPU-Z display) will show clock speeds boosting to 2000, 2300, 3500, or even 4900 MHz, and subsequently reducing back down to as low as 800 MHz, many times over the course of a minute or two....and all perfectly normal...

If your mainboard has an MCE (Multi Core Enhancement), then all 8 cores will scale as high as 4.9 GHz even under a heavy load, at the expense of increased power draw and warmer temps...; but, in Balanced Power mode, you should it bounce around in clock speeds similarly as described earlier.