Question i7 9700K temps

Oct 9, 2019
I have an i7 9700K with a corsair h110i water cooler but my cpu is hitting anywhere between 60-80 degrees while at 40 percent load while downloading a game. And while playing any semi intensive games it shoots to 80-85 degrees, sometimes shoots to around 92 degrees as well. I've tried cleaning fans and reapplying thermal paste. Is there anything else I could do. CPU is about 5 months old but my cooler is roughly 3 years old.

Corasir h110i GTX coller
Asus Maximus Hero 11 MB
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Where is your cooler mounted, front or top?

What direction are the fans oriented, as intake or as exhaust?

What case fans are installed AND what orientation is each of them in based on each fan's specific location?

What is your memory configuration? How many DIMMs are installed? What is the model of your memory kit? Is XMP enabled and if so did you choose to enable the ASUS multi core performance enhancements WHEN you enabled XMP? If you DID, I'd suggest you go back into the BIOS and DISABLE the ASUS multi core performance enhancements and run with the stock Intel configuration.

If you are unsure how to do that then just reset the BIOS. And speaking of the BIOS, make sure you have the MOST recent motherboard BIOS version installed. After updating, if you need to update, it wouldn't be the worst idea to do a hard reset and then afterwards go back into the BIOS and reconfigure you fan profiles and enable XMP again, making sure to NOT agree to the ASUS multi core performance enhancements.

Also, if you have the Windows power plan set to performance, it would be wise to go into click on plan settings, then advanced power settings and under Processor power management, set the minimum state to 8% and leave the maximum state at 100%. Save settings and exit power management applet. Restart computer.