Question I7 9700k with GTX 1060 6GB

May 18, 2019
Ok so basically I am a competitive Fortnite player and Fortnite is a CPU intensive game I was thinking of upgrading my CPU first , i have a i5 8600k rn and I want to go for a i7 9700k since its the best for gaming. Is it a good idea? will there be any bottle necking with my actual gtx 1060?
If I recall from testing of GTX1060 variants more than 2 years ago, any i5-7600 or above would generally give 98% of what the 1060 was capable of, meaning faster processors beyond that did not significantly increase frame rates, at least with the games of 2 years ago that were tested....

Of course GPUs hold back lots of CPUs from 7700K on up, or, everyone would 'need' an RTX2080Ti....instead of merely wanting one :)