Question i7 9750h - GTX 1660ti. Low FPS in certain games

Nov 18, 2019
Hi, I have HP Pavillion gaming 15 with quite decent spec.
At first there was no problem in playing games like warframe, destiny 2, dota 2.
But then I try to play Monster hunter world & dying light. They both only run with 40 - 50 fps with low setting. Dying light even worse , cause sometimes fps drops to 15 for like 10-15 mins. Literally just unplayable.

I am using turbo boost mode (maximum usage 100%) cause my temp is still normal (65-70 degree celcius) i think its due to automatic power throttling from my laptop that my cpu clock limited to 3.4.

i use msi afterburner and intel extreme utility to check

But I tried to limit the maximum usage to 99% (not using turbo boost) and still no luck. Fps still 40 something.

I also undervolted my laptop -0.100v

I have set my 1660ti gpu in priority.

I tried to look up at some other forums and found that mhw and dying light can be played Stabilized 60fps with only gtx 1080 and i5 processor.

I uninstalled all antivirus. And make sure no other programs are running and still no luck.

I even came to conclusion that my game somehow is corrupted so I reinstalled it. But still no luck!!

im not a computer expert and Im so frustrated!
please send help.
Is it common issue in hp pavillion 15 gaming???
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Can you check and see which BIOS version your laptop is currently on? If you have updates pending, gradually work your way up to the latest BIOS revision. Then use DDU to uninstall the GPU drivers and reinstall the drivers using the latest found off of Nvidia's support site.

Which version of Windows 10 are you working with? See if you can reinstall your chipset/MEI drivers as well.