Question i7 9800x WC radiator size opinion

Dec 29, 2019
Hi peeps,

I recently bought an I7 9800x and a Asus TUF x299 mk2 in a great deal:
I7 - 368$
ASUS x299 - 329$
+ 160$ cashback
total combo = 537$

So then I decided to sell my old 8700k and the board since I needed more pcie lanes to add a second GPU.
My kind of workload is 3d rendering, simulations, photogrammetry and video editing, just so you know that the work will be hard on the cpu and I will really make use of a great cooling solution for long term renders and calculations. Also planning to OC...

I also bought a EK waterblock to cool the x299 platform VRMs and CPU since the x299 platform in general is really hot on VRM usage.
The thing is. I currently have a AIO NZXT kraken x62 (280mm cooler) and I will replace it with an EK setup.
Tho I have 2 solutions at basically the same price:
EK SE 240mm and EK SE 360MM both at 60$.

Does anyone know about cooling performance difference between the two or if I'm doing good in my decisions in general?
The answer might seem easy but I will have to slightly mod my case (nzxt s340 elite) so I can fit the 360 in there. Not a problem for me but I need to understand the difference to see if it's worth the time.


Both would do the job. Going to be roughly 50% increase in area obviously.

The resulting temperature would come down to the fans, ambient temperature, etc. Not sure anyone can provide a direct answer other than 'better'

Might not have an obvious impact either, would only be noticeable if the CPU was really pushed or overclocked.