I7 and msi x58 pro overclock



Hello, this is my first time, when i am overlclocking any prosessor so i am very new in this.

my specs:
Intel i7 920 d0 stepping
6gb ddr 1600 mhz
msi x58 pro
noctua c12p
ati 4890

dram freq 1360
adjusted uncore freq 2720 and both of them are set to auto

i have set base clock now to 170x20 so its @3.4ghz
i was wondering what is the best way to test if its stable and right voltages.
Is it like the less the better if it works? Sorry i dont know much about this yet.
cpu vcore/cpu voltgae (the same i think:O) =1.312
qpi voltage =1.3
dram voltage 1.64

cpu dll voltage= auto
nb voltage= auto
ich voltage= auto
cpu pll voltage=auto

Are those good voltages or are there too much difference between qpi and dram voltage?
And should i manually set those voltages which are in auto?

it would be so important to get some help! afraid that i will break my computer :D

idle temerature 42 and load 80 (tested with linx and memory usage set to 1024, (automatic)) comlete without errors in ten minutes. tried same with cpu vcore 1.248 and qpi voltage 1.25 and got blue screen.


So i should now try for example cpu vcore and qpi voltage @1.27 or something and dram voltage 1.55? But are those dram frequences ok?