I7 Configuration - Advice Appreciated


Jan 28, 2009
Hi All,

Looking at building (and OCing) the following configuration - was interested in feedback, and in knowing whether any of these parts mismatch/will bottleneck the others:

Core i7 920
4870 1 GB (no preference on brand, probably Sapphire/Diamond/HIS)
Mushkin DDR3 3x2GB 1600
MSI X58 Platinum
640 GB WD Caviar, 7200 RPM

I already have Antec 900, Silverstone 750 Watt (discontinued Zeus line - is this sufficient if I want to add another 4870 down the road?), and 150 GB WD Raptor drive I plan on gutting from my old computer. I also have a 30 inch monitor, which I plan on using for playing some games, but not concerning about maxing out FPS/quality.

Thanks in advance
Nice build. Don't worry about the PSU, it's fine indeed.

Right, the HD 4850 X2 is a better idea for 2560x1600. It's hot, but the Antec 900 can take care of that.

If you can afford a HD 4870 X2 that's even better, and you won't have the cooling issue either because this card has a vent,