I7 CPUs RAM 1.65v vs 1.5v

Hi there,
so Intel states that the i7 920 CPU should use 1.5v RAM.

However, nearly all the DDR3 RAM I'm seeing on the market is 1.65v
I can't seem to find any good affordable 1.5v RAM.

Is 1.65v really that bad and will it fry a 920 CPU?

1.5v memory, 6GB(3x2GB) kits

not the fastest here though, DD3-1333 tops
yeh, why is it like 50% more expensive than 1.65v... (and most are only 1066)

I got 1.65v 1333MHz 6GB OCZ from Amazon for $65

Hmmm, does this mean that 1333MHz at 1.65v runs down clocked at 1066 with 1.5v?

It depends on the specific RAM. My Corsair Dominator for example is rated at DDR3-1600 8-8-8-24 1.65V, but it is also programed to run at DDR3-1333 9-10-10-25 1.5V, DDR3-1186 8-9-9-22 1.5V, and DDR3-888 6-6-6-16 1.5V. All of those could be considered "defaults" for this RAM.


Mar 17, 2010

So is it better to purchase a 1.5 1333 memory when considering overclocking or the 1.65
It would seem that a 1.5 chipset stable at 1.5 volts is a better candidate than a 1333 1.65 chip.