Dec 26, 2008
Hey guys,

Just beginning to experiment with overclocking today. My set up is as follows:

i7 920
ASUS P6T Deluxe V2
Coolermaster V8
corsair 750w
ocz platinum 6gb 1600

I OC'd the i7 to 3.5 to start using the following settings:

1.288 CPU Voltage
1.3125 QPI/DRAM Core Voltage
BCLK 175
DRAM Frequency 1404
DRAM Bus Voltage: 1.64
Disable Speedstep and turbo
All else left on auto.

I am running prime95 atm stable for about 15 minutes or so but I am concerned about my temperatures.

Stock I was running about 33c idle and about 53c under full load (using prime95). First of these stock temps seem ok?

With the current overclock using the above settings my cpu temps are hovering around 81c under full load (using prime95). This seems pretty high to me, however I figure running a long stress test with prime95 will show temperatures that will probably never be reached under heavy gaming/normal use. Are these temperatures acceptable for a prime95 run? Do I need to try to bring some voltages down? Can I try to push it toward 4.0ghz?

Thanks guys!