I7 overclock freezes after 5 mins in p95


Dec 20, 2008
Hi, been trying my hand at over clocking my 2week old i7 rig. but over the last 2 weeks i have had to restart due to freezing ever hour at least.

i dont know what to do ive turned it right down with the bclk at 166 and eveything else set to auto, any ideas? it is noramlly sitting at about 70c in realtemp when it crashes although ive seen it way up at 80c and it didnt crash then.

Please Help

Add more voltage or drop the clocks. It really isn't hard. If it is crashing, it isn't stable (it isn't just temps). With those temps, I'd drop the clocks.

average joe

Jan 24, 2009
Those Temps seem high. I'm not an I7 guru I don't own one but my older quad core is sitting at 32 32 28 28 right now. That's with just a cheap arctic cooler pro 7 on it. The numbers your giving seem to imply either a bad sensor or your cooler is not seated well.

When something is hot it has a greater chance to crash. There isn't a fixed temp for it to crash at. Reducing your temp to 69 celsius doesn't mean it will not crash but it will crash for sure at 70.

greatly reducing your temp will greatly improve your stability.

When you crashed at 70 but were fine at 80 on the next run.. you just got luckier that time.


Feb 13, 2009
80C is pretty high for an i7. I try to keep below tjmax by 20-30C. Honestly, you aren't going to get any higher than 166x20(21 turbo) without manually tweaking the vcore. It's not really a good idea to use auto vcore when OCing anyway, since you may get undervolting or overvolting.

If you are already getting 80C at peak load, then you are pretty much as high as you should go with your current cooling solution. If you want to push it further you should really invest in a better HSF. I use the Noctua NH-U12P SE1366, and i'm 20C colder than you at the same OC. A lapped TRUE /w push/pull would probably be the best to get, but this Noctua is a great deal.