Question i7 overheating and throttling

Feb 27, 2019
Good time of day, wise people of the internet. I researched this problem, but there is just so much content out there that's it's hard to pint point what applies to me.

I recently purchased a used Toshiba Satellite P70 (17.3") with the i7- 4700MQ

It runs great compared to my older laptop, but I noticed recently that under heavier loads (video render, gaming) it gets pretty hot and starts behaving strangely (fps stutters).

Screenshots of CPU performance, these spikes go up and down every 3 seconds or so: View:

Using several CPU monitors I can also see that the temperature jumps from 70 to around 100C at the same times as the spikes do. Is that strange? As far as I understand the CPU temperature can't jump that high that fast (30C in 3 seconds and back)

After all my reasearch I concluded that it overheats and starts thermal throttling (or limiting) the processor to cool it off and then let's it go back up to usual speeds, during this over and over again. I'm not too worried for my CPU as I understand it can handle it, but it's quite annoying for working, knowing it can work loads faster if it was cooler, or gaming because of consistent FPS lags, dipping from 30-40 to 20fps roughly when the spikes go up and down.

I cleaned the fan and repasted the CPU and GPU and it seems to be performing better, but the problem continues.

Also I can hear the fan working at varying speeds (higher when the cpu is under load) and it pumps out warm air, but I have a feeling that it should be louder under such load, and the stream of air is pretty low and is warmish, definitely not hot. Maybe the fan is giving up the ghost?

What exactly is happening and what can I do to fix it?