I7 processor comparable amd processor



which is comparable processor to i7 in AMD? & which motherboard should i prefer for graet gaming experience??


The i7 is better by architecture and presently no AMD solution is comparable to it in the overall desktop/workstation scenario.. However, the differences edge down when it comes to gaming since games get cpu limited mostly at lower resolutions.. With nowadays 1080p being the norm resolution for gaming, both the platforms perform almost identical as the video card becomes the deciding factor.. Having said that, for multiple gpu scenarios, the X58 platform seems to hold a little edge over the P55 and AM3 platforms.. The deal becomes more sweeter as the X58 platform features both SLI and crossfire capability making future video card switches easier..

P.S. - The Phenom II X4 955 BE is an excellent cpu for gaming from the AMD camp.. Any recent 890 GX or the 890 FX chipset based motherboard will be great to pair the cpu with..


Nov 27, 2008
^ +1 Phenom II 955 + quality mobo = Great AMD gaming experience.

As Emp said, there is no gaming comparable processor (the Phenom II 965 gets close to the i7-920 stock2stock).

However keep in mind, most high end CPUs (Phenom II, i7/i5) are overkill for gaming unless you have a super high-end GPU setup.


One, the 1090T blows the 930 away in heavy multithreading. Though the 930 is still much better on a clock for clock basis.
Two, the 890FX has 42 PCIe X16 lanes, compared to 36 lanes of the X58. Besides youll still need a board with an NF200 for Tri/Quad-SLI

Though anything better than a 955/750 wouldn't benefit much for gaming, so no need for i7s.
I never wander nor will recommend any multi gpu setup employing more than two cards.. And by i7 i meant the X58 platform which supports both SLI and crossfire..


Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

For performance the easy answer is: None

Now for price performance AMD usually win the battle because u can get a X4 955 with a Ggaibyte 890FXA-UD5 for only $340 and u get an amazing performance in games an applications.

But if u can spend a little more the same Gigabyte mobo with a X6 1090T can give u a very similar performance for $480 but with $50 more u can get and ASUS P6X58D-E with an i7-930.

So, the right question is. What is ur budget?


In Absolute terms? None, really. AMD's current best are simply not as fast as Intel's best.

In Functional terms, though, there's room for discussion. Especially on a performance per dollar basis, where the outcomes are going to be closer. i.e. comparing the overall performance of "AMD's versus Intel's Best" is a normally a losing proposition for AMD. But it's a somewhat different argument when you're comparing $200 AMD processor versus $200 Intel one. In this case, you're going to find comparable (within a close percentage overall) results regardless of which you choose. Sometimes one 'wins', other times the other. In other words: Keep an eye on which is on sale. :)

Checking the charts available here, as well as other sites, will give you an idea of which specific processor falls where. Please feel free to weight the benchmark that is most similar to your personal usage. Once you know roughly which is best for the job you intend it to fill, then you can check the E~tailer or physical store of your choice for the better deal.