I7 temps - 72 71 71 68 - help please


Mar 18, 2009
hey people ive overclocked my i7920 to 3.6ghz and seem to have gotten a nice stable clock ith a 1.2vcore. im using a noctua u12p.

ive run prime95 for an hr and those are the temps im getting (72 71 71 68) from realtemp.

so i was wandering whether you could help with the following questions:

>are these safe temps or are these fairly high?

>will running these temps burn out my processor in the long run?

>will these temps be constantly achieved when gaming? and if so are there any benefits of oc to 3.6ghz for gaming

your answers would be appreicated


Dec 26, 2008
1. No, those temps are fine. They are pretty good in fact.

2. Probably not, but you don't need to worry about it since you will not achieve those temperatures anywhere outside of prime.

3. No, never. The highest temps you will see in gaming is probably anywhere from 55-60. Yes, there are significant benefits to be had from an overclock in some games.


Apr 16, 2008
Those temps are fine. I get those temps too. I've read some reports of users with 80C on load for 24/7 usage. You'll probably never get that high on normal usage.

3.6ghz - 3.8ghz is the sweet spot for gaming. Certainly there will be some improvements running at 4ghz or more, but this is the point where you'll have to consider the voltage/heat to performance costs.

One thing you can try is to get a higher performing fan if you are still using the Noctua fan that came with the cooler. The stock Noctua fan was design as a quiet/performance fan. If you get something like Yate Loons, Scythe Ultra kaze, it might get the temps a bit down.