I7 Unstable even at stock!!!


Feb 15, 2009
Hi, My build is nearing on 3 weeks old and have had nothing but trouble!
My specs are;

P6T Deluxe
i7 920
Palit GTX 295
3 x 2GB G-Skill 1333mhz RAM with the red covering.
1000w Antec True Power Quattro
1x Seagate 250gb HDD with OS on
2x 500gb HDD 1x Seagate 1x Western Digital
64 bit Vista Home Premium
Thermal Right 120 cooler
Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste
2x DVD drive
Coolermaster HAF 932

So ive been having trouble from about the second day i got built, that was when i got Prime95 and begun testing it. I have been faced with constant freezing, No errors or anything. I did try to overclock fairly early on so maybe i have changed a setting wrongly, but now its all set to auto. ive reinstalled the OS twice in the last 7 days with and without the ASUS utilities and yesterday i did without aswell. I am yet to install the GPU driver as it was what i thought the issues were caused by, however after running p95 three times today because of freezing i think ive ruled out that as the problem. The only difference noticed was p95 ran for just over 2hrs rather than the previous 20mins. ive reset the defualts in the bios several times and this has not helped at all, ican run p95 for a bit longer in safe mode.

any ideas at all would help. Im thinking of clearing the CMOS now.



Aug 7, 2008
do memtest man, probably the voltages arent set to the particular RAM's specified voltages. look in bios and find what it is running at and check it's what it says in the RAM manual or on the box. If its all correct, run memtest. If not, post here again. Good luck bro

Akebono 98

Dec 5, 2008
Maybe this is a little far out, but a couple more things you could check:

1. Could your Arctic Silver 5 be intermittently shorting something out (check for excess leakage)?

2. Recheck the installation of the heatsink (make sure all bolts are tight and the heatsink is not wobbly), or maybe take it out and reinstall with clean thermal paste. Is the backplate on OK (and not shorting anything out)?

3. Try disconnecting all of your HDDs and DVD drives except the primary boot HDD and just load the game that had the freezing and your browser (maybe try it with Firefox instead, or better yet, just use Explorer for now).

4. Are your RAM modules installed on the outside (red colored) slots?

5. Try this test (for the RAM):

Starting from all default BIOS settings.
Set CPU voltage to 1.375V or next lower increment in BIOS.
Set Base Clock to 166 and the memory multiplier to 8 (this gives DDR3-1333).
Then set RAM timings manually in BIOS to 9-9-9-24 and the DRAM voltage to 1.5V (don't change the other memory sub-timings).
Disable Turbo mode.

See if that works.

6. Or see if you can borrow someone's DDR3-1066 for a test.