Question i7700 frequencies too high causing game to crash

Jan 4, 2020
I was gone for a week for Christmas break. I came back to my apartment and my computer started up fine. I went to play a game and my pc froze, I could not get to task manager or anything. I reset it and it was turning on then off every 2 seconds. I opened up the case and I took out my ram, gpu and mother board battery and when I put it back in, it started up. Now when I went to go play another game it was lagging and would crash. I checked my nzxt cam to see if my cpu was going out of wack, my frequency was 4000 and the stock is 3.6 and my load was going from 20% from 80-99%. I have a 1070 and i7700 3.6.

I’ve had the pc in a repair shop the last four days and they don’t even know what the issue is. The next thing they are doing is checking to see if the chip in my motherboard is bad.

Does anyone have any suggestions? The pc is only two years old and I’m really frustrated by it.

here are two photos to give you an idea