Question I9 - 10850k + Asus Maximus 12 Hero PCIe lanes question


Hi all, its me again.

I went out and got a 10850k and a Maximus 12 Hero from my microcenter, however I am worried about a potential issue with the amount of PCIe lanes that I have. I have a 3090, 2 M.2 NVME Drives, and 6 Sata III drives plugged into my original setup.

The 10850k has 16 lanes by default and I believe the motherbaord supplies 24 from the chipset.

I have a picture of the layout from the user manual.

So I will have my 3090 installed in the First Pcie slot, "A". I have a Pcie add in card that supports one M.2 NVME drive and one M.2 Sata drive. I plan to put that on the
on the 3rd x4 slot and one M.2 NVME drive on slot "D" or M.2_1. I believe that means I will run the 3090 at X16 and everything else will be X4. I also read that my Sata 3 D slots will be disabled, so I will need to consolidate my drives into one major drive.

If someone could go over my work and let me know, id appreciate it.



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