Load load - no such thing as idle - temperature is based on several factors:
-the temperature of the air the cooler has access to.
-OS power plan.
-background programs/services active.
-Cpu Vcore: Auto/manual overclocks.
-case airflow: case design, case fan setup, personal fan curves.

Observe the individual core temperatures - the package temperature that the app is reporting comes from just the hottest one at any time. That reading does not represent them all.


List specs of the machine for ease in troubleshooting.

Without knowing more about your setup, the first thing I would recommend would be to drop a side panel and see if temps drop. If so, consider your fan curves, placement, case (airflow), ambient temps.

Other things I would mention would be in relation to the motherboard being used and its power parameters at "stock" in relation to TBT/TVB, and things such as whether enabling certain XMP settings are adjusting BCLK and so forth.

In my own case I have a Z590i inside an 011D mini. I am running a 240 AIO and 6 additional case fans. I have to disable the boost tech thing and have to be watchful as one of the XMP settings is actually changing the boost clock multiplier. Having all that off it idles ~33, loads up in the 60's. Still boost to 5.1+. Turn any of that on and temps go out of hand quickly.