i9 9700 and 2060 or 2070 for Fallout 4 and other older games.

Sep 18, 2020
Start things off...new member, first post...I'm hoping this is in the right place. I'm not really looking for a suggestion for a specific system, looking more for personal experience with the parts I'm looking at. I've looked through the forum for some similar questions, but very few have replies.

The last time I did anything with a computer for gaming was when I upgraded by old desktop with TWO Voodoo2's...this was around the time that MMX made me feel like the lines between game and real life were indistinguishable! Between a demanding job and a family I ended up going to consoles for gaming simply for the ease of use for the last 20 years. Well, the time has come for me to get back into PC gaming...sort of.

I'm really only looking for a laptop, something capable of playing some older games, Skyrim, Fallout 4, the Divinity Series and maybe the new Baldurs Gate when it comes out. I've done my research, and I think something in the 2060 or 2070 range should be fine for those games (over kill in some cases). Thinking about pairing those cards with either a i9 9700 or 9900. I've spent some time on youtube looking at those cards playing those games. Fallout 4 I think would be the most demanding...mainly for how "interesting" Bethesda's optimization is. Every video I watch regarding Fallout 4 is always in the opening moments of the game and always running a solid 60fps. No one every shows game play in Boston where the game play really suffers or if they do show game play, they are walking slowly to keep the system from stuttering. Simply put I want the game to run at a constant 60fps, maxed out settings either at 1080 or maybe 1440, are the CPU and GPU I'm thinking of using going to give me that? I'm kind of looking for personal experience.

I'm even open to AMD systems but I have zero experience with those.