Question i9 9900k 100% in task manager

Jan 5, 2020
So I have two systems. One is a razer blade 15 laptop with a GTX1060 and a i7 8700 and the other is a desktop with an i9 9900k, Gtx1060, Corsair H100i water cooler, 16gb ram and an Xi hero ASUS motherboard. I use these both to run FL studio - a music production program. I have EXACTLY the same VSTS and settings in FL studio on both systems. I am experiencing extreme lag on my desktop with CPU reaching 100% in task manager when I’m running projects on FL studio. This causes my desktop to freeze up. The CPU meter in FL studio actually shows that not much of the CPU is being used whereas in task manager it’s at 100%.

I understand music production is super CPU intensive hence why I went for the i9. What is baffling me however is when I run the EXACT SAME project on my razer (which statistically doesn’t have as good a processor) it runs smooth with around 30-50% of the CPU being utilised in the task manager. In both cases: there are no other programs running in the background, the FL studio version is the same (64bit fl 20), high performance mode is on on both systems, both are connected to the same audio system (some dell speakers), both have the same number of bridged 32bit plugins, and cpu temperatures. I am completely lost on why my desktop is freezing up. Could someone please help or suggest something I could do?