Question i9 9900k 100c under full load

Feb 7, 2021
I have a aura flow 240mm aio and ive tried reapplying thermal paste multiple times put the CPU still gets 100c on cinebench r23 but while gaming it stays between 40-60c do i need to get a 360mm aio or is it a issue?
Are you overclocking at all? 240mm don’t perform any better than good air coolers. The 9900k is a hot cpu but I would have expected better than 100c if stock settings. Is this a new problem or have you only just installed the cooler? Are you sure the pump is running?
What all-core clock speeds are being sustained under CInebench load? (If MCE enabled on a Z-series mainboard, sustained all-core 5 GHz can overwhelm some 240/280 radiators)

Disabling MCE (if enabled) would drop clock speeds to 'only' 4.7 GHz, whish is the 'stock' all -core turbo boost for all 8 cores, if applicable...
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